Substantial Improvement

Buildings constructed before December 31, 1974, were automatically included in the flood insurance program with their existing elevation levels.  This special status ceases to apply once the building undergoes Substantial Improvement, defined as any repairs or renovations amounting to 50% or more of the building's current market value.


Important considerations regarding the building's appraisal:

  • The assessment pertains solely to the building's worth and does not encompass the land it occupies.
  • In cases where a parcel features multiple structures, the focus lies exclusively on the building's refurbishment value.
  • The 50% threshold is determined based on the cumulative value of renovations conducted over the past five years.


When the Substantial Improvement threshold has been met or is anticipated to be met, it typically necessitates raising the building to meet the current height standards that exceed flood levels.

Building Permit

Every building on a lot must have its own separate Building Permit Application.  However, it's important to note that only a single set of plans is necessary; providing a different set for each application is unnecessary.

Procedure Documents