Dive Team

With twenty-three Public Safety Divers, when things go wrong on our island paradise, we stand ready to deploy our trained personnel and specialized equipment to prevent a tragedy.

Each first response apparatus carries a rapid deployment scuba system ready for use on incidents involving boat or aircraft, vehicles or people that are in need of rescue in the water. By land from our trucks, or by sea from our Fire Boat, rapid response and deployment is our goal. Our team is also trained and equipped to assist and support Public Safety Dive operations when requested by other agencies and jurisdictions.

Florida Keys Community College Dive Program

Key West is fortunate to have a world-class training facility provided by the Florida Keys Community College Dive Program. The FKCC Dive Program and the KWFD Dive Team have a strong cooperative relationship for both training and support operations. During our training with the College we have a unique opportunity to share information with Public Safety Dive professionals from many disciplines and locations across the nation.

Fire Department Dive Team

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