Tour Bus / Motor Coach Parking Information

Oversized vehicles parked in lot

Parking Over-sized Vehicles

Due to sizing restrictions, over-sized vehicles (tour buses, RV’s, campers, etc) are prohibited from parking at our municipal lots. For overnight visits, the city code requires large vehicles make reservations at local RV parks or campgrounds and use public transportation to commute to your destination.

Campgrounds include:

If RV owners are affiliated with the military, they may be able to take advantage of camping space on Sigsbee and Trumbo Point at the Naval Air Station Key West.

Tour Bus / Motor Coach Information

Tour buses and motor coaches are not allowed in the downtown due to the historic nature of our city. Streets are narrow, branches hang low, and the street corners are almost 90 degrees.

The City has established a bus parking lot at 908 Caroline Street at the Historic Seaport (Key West Bight). Buses can park for the day for $100 or simply drop off their passengers. If the bus is not parking, it must leave the historic district and park on private property.

There are many shops and attractions at the Historic Seaport including trolley and train tours of the historic district. Also the free Duval Loop stops at the Bus Parking Lot- check it out at Key West Transit

RV Parking Regulations

Code of Ordinances Section 63.191 Prohibition:

"Except as provided herein, it shall be unlawful and a violation for any person to park, cause to be parked, allow to be parked, or cause to allow to remain standing or stationary, except in the normal course of traffic flow, any recreational vehicle, or and combination of a recreational vehicle and a motor vehicle, in excess of twenty (20) feet in length or seven feet in width, exclusive of mirrors and other safety devices determined by the department of highway safety and motor vehicles to be necessary for the safe and efficient operation of such vehicles, whether occupied or not, and whether attended or unattended, except for the purpose of and unless actual loading or unloading or passengers or of property is taking place, on any street over which the city exercises parking jurisdiction."

The City of Key West is concerned that recreational vehicle owners are driving to the island without being aware of the limited services available to them. RVers planning on an overnight stay should make reservations ahead of time, since most of the season the few campgrounds in the Lower Keys are often sold out - especially on weekends and holidays.

City ordinances forbid overnight parking on city streets, parks and beaches. It also forbids RVs in excess of 20 feet in length or seven feet in width from parking on city streets; these vehicles may park in designated parking lots, but not for overnight. Signs have been placed along U.S.1 advising RVers of the parking prohibition and directing them to public and private lawful parking facilities within city limits.