Police Department

Chief Sean T. Brandenburg

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Southernmost Police Department in the continental United States. The Key West Police Department is a state accredited organization made up of dedicated and professional men and women. Our island is home to a unique and diverse community, which is reflected throughout the ranks of the department. We protect and serve a population of 25,000 full-time residents, with over two million visitors each year. Whether you are visiting the island or you are lucky enough to call Key West your home, please be safe and enjoy your time in Paradise.

Our Vision

The Key West Police Departments envisions itself as a professional department guided by our values to make Key West a safe place to live, work and visit.

Our Mission

The mission of the Key West Police Department, in partnership with the community, is to provide effective and efficient police services.

Core Values


A comfortable and healthy work environment must first start with mutual respect among members of our Department. Likewise, a community that respects its police department and its members must first start with members of our Department always demonstrating understanding and sensitivity to all of those in our community with whom they come in contact.


Ethics and honesty are perhaps the most valuable traits a law enforcement officer can possess, an essential element in gaining the trust and confidence of the public.


It is important that every law enforcement officer be able to make objective and impartial decisions based on the law and the facts at hand. Just as important, is an officer’s ability to exercise discretion, always using fairness as a guide.


We must always strive to provide a positive and professional response to the needs our residents and visitors.

Florida Relay Service

The City of Key West uses the Florida Relay System to communicate with persons with hearing or speech impairments. Customers with hearing or speech impairments dial the appropriate number from the list below, and provide the operator with the phone number in the City that they want to communicate with, so that staff who uses standard telephone equipment can be reached.

Contact the City

  • Phone: 7-1-1(V)
  • Phone: 800-955-8771 (TTY)
  • Phone: 800-955-8770 (Voice)
  • Phone: 877-955-5334 (STS)
  • Phone: 877-955-8773 (Spanish)