Recycling & Waste Management

Our ReCollect toolbar provided above can be used for many things.  To request Services or make Service Reports such as Missed Pickups; request Bulk Pickups of large furniture or large yard waste that does not fit in cart or can; request new carts, request special help, print Calendar's of Service Days in each month, search your Solid Waste Service Day, schedule notifications via text, phone call, or by e-mail as a reminder to set out Solid Waste cans for pickup (great for homes with guests), cancel notifications, and find out information about our Solid Waste Transfer Station Waste Wizard search's tell you how to dispose of items or if they can be recycled.  Play our Zero Waste Game to learn how to recycle in the City of Key West.  

Record your cleanup information through here!

“This Earth Day 2021, the City of Key West is sharing a new way you can make a difference on your own or as a group. Pick a spot, cleanup it up and share the information with us. This will help Keep Key West Beautiful and it will help us track important data like the amount of litter being cleaned up, the type of material being littered and where. You could be the catalyst for change in our community. Volunteers for Earth Day

Solid waste is a term that refers to all items listed for disposal. For the City Solid Waste Division, we handle:

  • Recycle
  • Garbage
  • Household chemicals and electronics
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Yard waste
  • Bulk pickup, home, and yard furniture type items that are too large for garbage cart.


The City of Key West Utilities Department Solid Waste Division is responsible for handling solid waste safely, timely, and environmentally friendly way possible. We provide trash, recycling, yard waste, bulky waste services, Household Hazardous Waste (household chemicals), and End-of-Life Electronics services and collection.

Commercial Services

To set up Commercial Service contact:
Waste Management Inc, FL
Phone: (305) 296-8297

Bulk Pickup

To request and schedule bulk waste pickup contact:
Waste Management Inc, FL
Phone: (305) 296-8297

Report a Missed Pickup

To report a missed pickup contact:
City of Key West
Phone: (305) 296-8297