The City of Key West Utilities Department and Home Depot joined forces to buildAnwar Dudley, Corey Hankins, Ryan Stachurski, Dee Dee Green, Rob Kirk, and Mike Cavey with the new R two Recycling Stations for Horace O’Bryant School cafeteria. Science teacher Jessica Connell and the Green Team last year started making goals to help make the school a “greener space” that would help the local environment.

Cafeteria Recycling Program

One step toward that goal was starting the cafeteria recycling program. As part of this program, the team want to make recycling easier. Part of the solution is to have an area for garbage and recycling that is convenient for students and self-explanatory.

Helpers & Sponsors

Working with Dee Dee Green, the Solid Waste Coordinator for the City, they approached Home Depot with a project and design idea, which the company approved, donating time, help and materials to the project. Ryan Stachurski, a Supervisor for the Key West Home Depot, championed the project and helped design and build the recycling stations with the help of Green. Waste Management, Inc. supervisor Greg Sullivan supplied the cans needed to complete the second recycling station.