Yard Waste

Once a week, pick up on the same day as all other solid waste from your home.  Yard Waste must be in a container, paper bag, or tied in small bundles with twine less than 40 lbs and limited to 10 containers.  Anything over that will need to be held for the following week's set out, schedule a paid pickup, or have the landscaper remove after service.

City Code allows residents to place solid waste containers in the right-of-way at 4:00 PM the day before your scheduled pickup service and, by law, be removed from the right-of-way by 8:00 PM on the day you have service.  Cans and carts cannot remain on the right-of-way, sidewalk, or the side of the road the rest of the week after service has been rendered. 

Yard waste is the natural material that grows in your yard; all the plant material, including fruit and coconuts.  Water hoses are not yard waste material.  Yard waste must be in containers, large paper bags, and no plastic bags.  Yard waste placed into plastic bags will not be collected except as particular waste, which is chargeable.

The Division of Solid Waste has yard waste stickers available for no charge; you may pick them up at City Hall.  We also recommend you stencil or paint your address on your cans.

Pickup for Large Yard Waste Items

For large amounts of yard waste (for example, cutting down a tree), you can call Waste Management Inc. at 305-296-8297 or any hauler for an estimate for pickup or self-haul it to the City of Key West Solid Waste Transfer Station.

Landscapers and Yard maintenance professionals.  Special notes.  If you schedule to remove large debris and plan to set out for pickup by Waste Management or another company, you must call and schedule pick up ahead of time.  Let Waste Management know when the work is planned, and contact them if there are any changes.   We do not want parking places blocked for more than one day.

E-mail the City for more information or call 305-809-3776