Alarm System Registration

If you have an alarm system, it’s time to pay attention. The City of Key West Police Department has started its false alarm reduction program. Fewer false alarms means quicker response times for important police calls.

Last year alone, the Key West Police Department responded to over 1,650 alarms, and 90% of those were false alarms. Officers respond to every alarm as if it were a true emergency, and false alarms waste precious time and taxpayer dollars.

Ordinance 09-14

According to the Ordinance, 09-14 (PDF), approved by the City Commission, alarm owners must register their systems. You can contact your alarm company to register, or visit Cry Wolf Services to register your system. Just complete the application under the heading "new alarm users."

Registration Fee

The fee to register an alarm is $50. However, if there are no false alarms for a year, the renewal is free. Alarm owners will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false. If you fail to register your alarm system and have a false alarm there is a $200 civil penalty for each false alarm occurrence.

Once a system is registered, there is no penalty for the first or second false alarm during a year. After that, the fees start at $150 and rise to $600 if you have ten or more false alarms over a one-year period.