Staff Review

Staff will review and approve smaller projects such as maintenance, repairs, painting, fences, paving, mechanical equipment, and pools. A HARC Certificate of Appropriateness/Building Combo Application (PDF) is used for this type of review.

If an application does not comply with the HARC Guidelines and ordinances, then the application will need the HARC Commission Review, as staff cannot deny applications.

Approximately 90% of HARC applications undergo a staff review.

HARC Commission Review

Large projects, such as additions, new construction, primary façade changes, demolition, and projects that do not comply with the HARC Guidelines and ordinances, will need to be reviewed by the HARC Commission. A pre-application meeting with HARC staff is required for large projects.

Applications should be submitted at 1300 White Street to the HARC/Tree Administrative Assistant, who is located on the right side of the large counter by the parking lot entrance. All documents should also be sent by email to Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) .