Residential Parking Permit Program

Purchase the New Digital Parking Permits online!

After hearing strong feedback from the community, the City of Key West will continue issuing residential parking decals. But the new system allows you to purchase the permit online. You won’t need to go to the Tax Collector’s offices to purchase one. Just click the link on the City’s website, and you’re on your way! Once the online permit process is approved, you’ll be receiving your new sticker in the mail. All current stickers are valid until October 31.

On October 1, residents will obtain a permit that allows parking in spaces marked residential. The permit also allows you to park in six City lots for four hours a day. They are: the Park and Ride on Grinnell, the main lot at the Key West Bight on Caroline, the Fire Station on Angela Street, Smathers Beach, the Truman Waterfront Park, Fire Station 2 lot on Simonton St. as well as the Jackson Square lot behind the courthouse on evenings and weekends. The permit is only good in Jackson Square evenings and on weekends.

Residential KW Parking Permit 2022

Residential Parking Permits available Online on October 1st, 2021


  • The 2021/2022 Permit

In 2021, the City of Key West Parking Division partnered with Passport Labs, Inc. for an App that provides Digital Permits – including the Residential Permit!  The permit is assigned to your license plate number.  Your Decal will be mailed to you.

Click here to log on to the portal to apply online for the 2021/2022 Residential Permit.

Applicants will need to upload proof of residency, a valid driver’s license, and vehicle registration to qualify for a Residential Permit.  Your Decal will be mailed to you.

Once your application is approved, you can pay and use it directly from your smartphone - instead of the pay station.  Valid to park in "Residential" spaces too.

All other parking regulations remain unaffected by this permit program. For example, no boat, trailer, RV, or vehicle over 20 feet in length, can park on-street or in municipal lots. Additionally, all cars parked on-street must be moved every 72 hours (three days) per the existing City Code. 

With a valid Residential Permit, vehicles can park in marked "Resident Permit" spaces on the street located within the Historic District. Additionally, vehicles can park in certain parking lots for four (4) hours one time per day without paying. 

Please note; you must enter your license plate number and permit number into Parking Pay Station to receive your four (4) hour parking credit.

List of Parking Lots

  • Old Town Garage (also known as Park' n' Ride on Caroline Street)
  • Key West Bight main lot next to Waterfront Brewery in the 800 block of Caroline Street
  • Fire Station Lot in the 600 block of Simonton
  • Truman Waterfront Park (except during events)
  • Smathers Beach on-street along South Roosevelt Boulevard
  • Jackson Square after hours and weekends

Who Can Qualify

  • Residents of the City of Key West
  • Key West Real Estate Property Owners
  • Active Military Personnel Stationed in Key West 
  • Seasonal Residents Who Reside in Key West for Four (4) Months or Longer
  • Businesses Holding Business Tax Receipt (License) with the City of Key West