Electric Updates

Keys Energy Services (KEYS)

Keys Energy Services is prepared to restore service as quickly as possible.  Restoration efforts will begin as soon as the winds diminish.

KEYS has established priorities for storm restoration that are intended to emphasize health, safety, and essential community services and to restore service in a manner that will first affect the greatest number of customers.

Before the Storm:

  • Line and electrical crews will work in the field until winds exceed 35 miles per hour.  At that time, all crews will be called in from the field.  If power outages occur, KEYS will not attempt to restore power.  All restoration will take place when the storm has passed.
  • Essential utility employees will be on standby to begin restoration immediately after the winds diminish.
  • KEYS has over 100 megawatts of local generation available if the tie line is severed.  If the generating units weather the storm without damage, the units will be started as soon as the winds die down.

Processing of Customers' Calls and Power Outages:

  • KEYS office personnel will accept phone calls from customers reporting electrical hazards such as downed or sparking lines and customers reporting outages.  This information will be immediately sorted and prioritized for field crews.  To keep the process as efficient as possible, we ask that customers call only once to report damage or an outage.
  • After reports have been prioritized, employees from the engineering and meter services sections will survey affected areas to assess the damage and determine the equipment, materials, and personnel necessary to restore power in areas.
  • Employees from the electrical and line sections will begin restoring power.
  • KEYS has a number of contracts and agreements in place so that emergency supplies and additional crews from other utilities will quickly mobilize to assist in the restoration effort as necessary.
  • KEYS crews and crews from other utilities will work as quickly as possible to restore power.  Emergency services such as the hospital, the police and sheriff's offices, and radio stations will receive top priority.  The time required to restore power is largely due to the damage to our distribution system.
  • If the TIELINE is severed, the local general will be available to supply power.  However, customers should expect KEYS to call for conservation.  Rotating power outages are also a possibility.