Active Capital Projects


The Engineering Department manages various construction projects within the City of Key West.  Presented below is a selection of these projects.

Additional information regarding projects managed by other agencies can be found at the following links:

Spotlight on Engineering's Capital Projects

  1. Roads & Sidewalks

Bertha St during construction in 2023

  • Project Stage: Construction
  • Project Lead: Monroe County
  • Construction completion estimate: Mid-2023
  • Bicycle / Pedestrian Improvements:
    • added a bicycle lane along the east side length of Bertha St,
    • the continuous sidewalk on the west side of the street,
    • ADA-compliant driveways/sidewalks on both sides,
    • ADA curb ramps at each intersection,
    • speed limit signs posted on the roadway and striped on the road,
    • narrowed lanes to help reduce speeds,
    • raised the path on the southwest side of Bertha St to mitigate flooding,
    • added a widened sidewalk on the east side of the street,
    • after the primary construction project is closed out, street trees are to be installed within new planting locations along First St. (See 1st St Tree Planting Request, Tree Commission 6/12/2023.)
  • For more information, click here to be directed to the project page
  1. Southernmost Point Plaza
  1. Staples Ave Pedestrian Bridge
  1. United St
  1. Buildings
  1. Frederick Douglass Community Center

City leaders shoveling sand

In the photo: City Clerk Keri O’Brien, City Attorney Ron Ramsingh, City Manager Al Childress, Vice Mayor Sam Kaufman, Mayor Teri Johnston, and Commissioners Clayton Lopez, Billy Wardlow, and Lissette Carey.

  1. Historic Diesel Plant
  1. KOTS / John Jones Navigation Center
  1. Community Projects
  1. Bayview Park
  • Project Stage: Public Input/Design
  • Construction Begin Estimate: October 2024
  • Intent: To make the park a multi-generational park that can also be updated for the festivals that are active at the park including Seafood & Mango Fest
  1. Clinton Square Park
  1. Final Mile
  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Pool Improvements
  1. Smathers Beach Pavilions
  1. Wickers Sports Complex