Professional Standards Division

The Key West Police Department is dedicated to maintaining public confidence through high standards of performance and conduct for its personnel.  To place the public's trust above all and preserve the Department's integrity, our policy is to willingly receive, review, and address all complaints related to personnel conduct, department procedures, and services.  Swift, thorough, and objective investigations are essential to address allegations of police misconduct and demonstrate a zero-tolerance stance.  Equally important is the recognition of members for their dedicated service.  These processes fall under the oversight of the Professional Standards Division within the Key West Police Department.

Commend an Employee

The City of Key West Police Department is committed to providing excellent police service to our community.  Key West Police employees try to perform their duties competently, courteously, and professionally.  We appreciate receiving positive feedback on the performance of our employees, and the employees appreciate it as well.  If you encounter a Key West Police employee performing exceptional service that reflects favorably upon the employee and the Department, we would encourage you to take a moment and tell us about it by completing the online Commendation Form or writing a brief letter describing the incident and the actions you think were exceptional.

File a Complaint

Complaints can be submitted to the Key West Police Department in person, by telephone, by letter, or by email.  While providing your name and contact information is encouraged for potential re-establishment of contact, anonymous complaints will also be received and processed to the extent possible with the provided information.  Contacting the subject member's immediate supervisor is preferable for faster processing and personalized attention.  If that supervisor is unavailable, reach out to the on-duty Watch Supervisor.  Should your complaint concern the supervisor, approach the next higher-level supervisor or the Internal Affairs Inspector.  Complaints often arise due to misunderstandings of the law or department procedures.  You'll receive a copy of this document outlining the complaint procedure.  If you decide to proceed after discussing it with the supervisor, your complaint will be recorded using a Personnel Complaint Form.