How does the BOB program benefit customers?

The program makes travel via bus routes more widely accessible to customers and potential customers who do not live work close to a bus route. It also enables recreational travelers to take the bus to some of the most desirable bike riding locations in the city.

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1. How does the BOB program benefit customers?
2. How much does it cost a customer to bring their bike on the bus?
3. Is there an age requirement for using the bike rack?
4. Are bus operators required to assist the customer?
5. How many bikes will a rack carry?
6. Can a customer lock a bike on the rack?
7. Can bikes be loaded from either side of the bike rack?
8. Is there an order to how bikes should be loaded?
9. If for any reason the bus operator suspects the bike isn't fitting into the rack properly, what should she/he do?
10. If there is an accident involving the bus and the bike rack, what action should the bus operator take?
11. If a bike is left on a bus, how can a customer claim it?