Parking Department

Violations must be paid within 10 calendar days or an additional late charge of $5 will be assessed. After 20 days, an additional late charge of $5 will be assessed - total late fee of $10 per ticket. Parking violations will be considered delinquent after 30 days and sent to a collection agency.

Parking Ticket Violation Acronyms & Fines

  • DES Failure to park vehicle within authorized parking space $50
  • FIR Vehicle illegally parked near a fire hydrant (within 15 feet) $190
  • FLN Parked in designated fire lane $190
  • HAN Unauthorized use of handicapped parking space $250 
  • NPZ Parked in a designated no parking zone $50
  • OTH Other parking violations to wit: $50
  • OTH Vehicle parked on public right-of-way facing oncoming traffic $50
  • RV RV/Oversize vehicle parked illegally on a public right-of-way $90
  • SID Vehicle parked on sidewalk on a public right-of-way $50

Pay Tickets Online

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