Risk Rating 2.0: Equity in Action

Risk Rating 2.0 is a methodology introduced by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to assess flood risk and accurately determine insurance premiums.  This updated system incorporates various factors such as property-specific characteristics, flood frequency, distance to water sources, and potential mitigation efforts.  By leveraging advanced technology and data analytics, Risk Rating 2.0 aims to provide policyholders with fairer and more transparent flood insurance rates reflective of their actual risk exposure.

Under this new system, the Flood Insurance Rate Maps won't be used to determine policy rates. The flood maps will still be used to:

  • By communities to ensure construction compliance standards.
  • By lenders to know if mandatory flood insurance coverage rules apply.

For the latest information and particulars about your building, please consult your Insurance Agent.

Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) analyzed FEMA's projected rate increases for Monroe County. The results area shown in the bar graph to the right.

FIRM's Bar Graph Comparison of new Flood Policy Rates for Monroe County

FIRM's three-way local rate comparisons →

  • Legacy rating
  • RR 2.0 without an Elevation Certificate
  • RR 2.0 with an Elevation Certificate

FIRM's Risk Rating 2.0 Local 3-Way Rate Comparisons Chart

Percent and amount difference →

FIRM's Risk Rating 2.0 Local Percent & Cost Rate Comparisons Chart

It pays to have an Elevation Certificate →

Pie chart showing 82% flood policies get lower rates submitting elevation certificates

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Real-time dashboard of new rate comparisons: