Capital Projects

Mallory Square

The Mallory Square Master Plan is a vision resulting from a year of conversations with the Key West community. It is driven by the needs of residents, visitors, vendors, artists, and performers who bring the square to life every evening for the Sunset Celebration.  Shade, planting, and cooling features expand the use of the square beyond Sunset, creating opportunities for cultural expression and community programming at all times of day and year.  Revitalized historic structures, new lighting, furnishings, and public art celebrate Mallory Square's history while creating space for writing new storieslearn more Opens in new window

Frederick Douglass Community Center

We are excited to unveil our plans to take the old Frederick Douglass Gym and transform it into the vibrant Frederick Douglass Community Center.  This space celebrates his legacy and nurtures community growth.  It will house the renowned Bahama Village Music Program, providing a platform for budding musicians.  The center's design will accommodate sports, art, learning, and social activities.  It will host after-school tutoring, adult education, nutrition education, and small business incubation.  This hub will feature a learning center, a senior activity area, a 2,600sf main hall, and an event kitchen.learn more Opens in new window

Key West Welcome Sign

The New Key West Welcome Sign project aims to replace the current welcome sign at the entry approach in Key West on US-1, just before the Triangle at North and South Roosevelt Boulevards.  The project will involve choosing coral rock material for the sign's construction and incorporating hardscaping, site lighting, irrigation, and landscaping. The City is looking forward to this project with great anticipation.learn more Opens in new window

Concept of welcome sign

This is a preliminary conceptual image and not the final version.

Clinton Sq. concept

This is a preliminary conceptual image and not the final version.

Clinton Square Renovations

The goal of this project is to rejuvenate Clinton Square.  This significant public space features a historic memorial obelisk erected in 1866, making it one of the oldest monuments in Key West.  The undertaking involves the implementation of new pavement, maintaining the current park elevation on Front Street, and enhancing sidewalks with fresh paving materials, benches, and furniture.learn more Opens in new window