Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau includes the day and night patrol, which account for the largest number of sworn officers. They respond to calls for service and proactively deter and detect crime.

K9 Unit

Our K9 UnitOfficer and K9 is a valuable asset in our agency, specializing in a variety of tasks including narcotics detection, search and rescue, tracking suspects, and providing community demonstrations. With their keen sense of smell, agility, and unwavering loyalty, our K9 officers play a vital role in combating crime and protecting the residents and visitors of Key West.

Each member of our K9 Unit undergoes rigorous training to ensure they are proficient in their specialized areas. Our K9 teams are selected for their exceptional bond, allowing them to communicate effectively and work seamlessly together. From assisting in locating missing persons to detecting illegal drugs, our K9 officers provide an invaluable service, often reaching areas that may be inaccessible to human officers. They serve as a visible deterrent to criminal activity and contribute to the overall safety and security of our community.

Bicycle Patrol

Our dedicated team of officers on two wheels ensures the safety and security of our coastal  Equipped withBike Patrol specialized bicycles and advanced training, our agile officers navigate narrow streets, crowded areas, and pedestrian zones with ease, responding quickly to emergencies and providing an added layer of security. They actively engage with the public, promoting trust and understanding, and play a vital role in traffic safety through educational initiatives. By patrolling on bicycles, we prioritize sustainability, minimize our carbon footprint, and contribute to Key West's eco-friendly goals.

Honor Guard

Comprised of highly trained and dedicated officers, our Honor Guard plays a vital role in ceremonial events, memorials, and community engagements. With unwavering precision and professionalism, they honor fallen officers, pay tribute to veterans, and serve as a symbol of reverence and remembrance for our community.

2The Honor Guard members undergo rigorous training and exhibit impeccable attention to detail in their performance. Whether it's presenting the colors at formal ceremonies or participating in parades and community events, their uniformity and discipline are a testament to their dedication. Through their solemn and dignified presence, the Honor Guard fosters a sense of pride and unity within our agency and the Key West community.

With great honor, the Key West Police Department's Honor Guard stands as a beacon of respect and solemnity. They uphold the values of our agency and pay homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. By participating in important events and commemorations, they ensure that the memory and legacy of our fallen heroes are forever cherished, and they serve as a source of inspiration to our officers and the community we proudly serve.

Marine Unit

Marine Unit boat in the waterOur Marine Unit officers are highly trained in waterborne law enforcement techniques, including vessel operations, marine navigation, and maritime emergency response. They work tirelessly to enforce boating regulations, prevent maritime crime, and provide assistance to those in need. Whether it's responding to distress calls, conducting waterborne patrols, or collaborating with other agencies to ensure effective marine operations, our officers are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ensuring the well-being of all who venture into the waters surrounding Key West.

Mounted Unit

The Mounted Unit combines the strength and versatility of our equine partners with the expertise and professionalisHorse Mounted Patrol Officerm of our officers to provide enhanced public safety, crowd control, and community engagement. Our mounted officers are a symbol of tradition, as well as a practical asset in patrolling the streets and parks of Key West.

Our skilled officers and their specially trained horses undergo extensive training to ensure they can navigate challenging terrain and effectively respond to various situations. The Mounted Unit offers a distinct advantage in crowd management and crowd control, providing a visible and authoritative presence in public gatherings, parades, and special events. The horses' height advantage allows officers to maintain excellent visibility, communicate with the public, and quickly respond to any developing situations. Additionally, the Mounted Unit fosters positive community relations, as the officers on horseback are approachable, engaging, and readily available to interact with residents and visitors.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is responsible for a range of essential duties, including monitoring and enforcing speed limits, investigating traffic collisions, conducting DUI checkpoints, and educating the public about traffic safety. Through proactive patrolling, targeted enforcement actions, and community outreach initiatives, our Traffic Unit aims to raise awareness and promote responsible driving behaviors. By addressing traffic concerns and implementing effective traffic management strategies, our officers contribute to a smoother and safer transportation experience for all residents and visitors in Key West.

Special Response Team

 The Key West Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT), a highly trained and specialized unit dedicated to handling high-risk situations and ensuring the safety of our community. Comprised of elite officers with advanced tactical training, the SRT is equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to critical incidents, including hostage situations, armed barricades, and other dangerous scenarios. Our SRT members possess the skills, knowledge, and equipment necessary to protect lives, resolve crises, and maintain public order in the most challenging circumstances.Special Response Team

Crisis Negotiation Team

The Key West Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), a specialized unit dedicated to resolving high-stakes situations peacefully and ensuring the safety of all involved. Comprised of skilled negotiators trained in communication and conflict resolution, our CNT plays a vital role in diffusing tense situations such as hostage takings, barricaded subjects, and suicidal individuals. With a focus on empathy, active listening, and effective negotiation techniques, our team strives to find peaceful resolutions and preserve life.

Criminal Investigations Division

Our highly skilled detectives work diligently to uncover the truth, gather evidence, and bring justice to our community. The Criminal Investigations Division plays a critical role in investigating and solving a wide range of crimes, including robberies, burglaries, homicides, and financial crimes. With their expertise in forensic analysis, interviewing techniques, and evidence collection, our detectives are dedicated to solving complex cases and ensuring the safety of Key West residents.

Our detectives undergo specialized training in various investigative techniques to effectively gather information, analyze evidence, and build strong cases. They work closely with victims, witnesses, and other law enforcement agencies to piece together the puzzle and bring offenders to justice. The Criminal Investigations Division is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and thoroughness in their investigations, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Through their relentless pursuit of truth and justice, our detectives contribute to a safer and more secure Key West for all.