Permit Application and Process


A permit application is required for work regarding trees and landscaping. 

Tree permit application forms are available online or obtained at City Hall during regular business hours.


In-Person Submission 

Completed Tree Application forms may be submitted in person to City Hall during regular business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Applications for tree removal for the Tree Commission to review on their agenda must be received by 3 PM on the deadline submittal date. 

Permit Status

To check the status, contact the Planning staff by calling 305-809-3725 or visiting City Hall1300 White Street.

Documents Required

  • Representation form: This form is a document required at the time the permit application is submitted.  This document would be needed if a property owner cannot represent themselves at a Tree Commission meeting or pick up and post the permit on the property.  
  • Job completion form: This document must be submitted to close the permit.