What is a Rights-Of-Way permit?

The original modern developers of the City of Key West designated certain routes in the City as public "Rights-of-Way" to allow commerce to exist. Businesses and residents need to have avenues to transport goods and move around the island. The City was granted designated Right-of-Ways, which are required to be maintained for the purpose of allowing people the right of passage.

The City must maintain the streets in a manner that is conducive to the passage of people and goods. The City has the responsibility to ensure that use of the Right-of-Way maintains proper public access and the infrastructure is properly designed and installed.


"Right-of-Way" permits are required for all construction and landscape work and for any use of the Right-of-Way, such as

  • Signs
  • Trash receptacles and dumpsters
  • Construction laydown areas
  • Bike racks

Permits are required for filling low spots with rock, asphalting on the edge of pavement, sidewalks, and brick driveways.

"Maintenance of Traffic" permits are required when any use of the Right-of-Way will cause a temporary blockage of the street, sidewalk or parking lanes. These requirements include cones, barricades, flaggers, and other means to ensure vehicles and pedestrian traffic are routed safely.

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