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Martin Luther King Jr. Community Pool

The Dr. Martin Luther King Community Pool houses two pools. One baby pool and a standard swimming pool. Also housed at 300 Catherine Street is the Willie Ward Park which has a small playground and picnic tables along with the Nelson English Park which has basketball courts, a playground and open space for picnics.


  • Lap Swim Hours 9 to 11 am. Daily
  • Open Swim Hours 11 am to 5:45 pm Daily
  • Water Exercise Class Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 pm
    • Water Shoes Recommended

Pool Rules

  • Lifeguard is in charge at all times - stop when whistle is blown.
  • No hyperventilation or extended underwater swimming is allowed.
  • Shower before entering the pool. The shower on the pool deck is for rinsing off after swimming. Take soap shower downstairs before entering pool.
  • You are responsible for your belongings. Leave your valuables at home.
  • Always walk. No pushing allowed or horseplay on the pool deck.
  • No foul language.
  • Water in a clear, plastic container is allowed. No other food or drink allowed on the deck.
  • No street clothes on the pool deck, except for parents watching children.
  • No cut-offs, thong bathing suits or topless ladies.
  • No changing of clothes on the pool deck.
  • No suntan oil is allowed. Please apply sunscreen at home or if applied here, rub it in well and wait 10 minutes before entering pool.
  • No open sores allowed. Please do not enter pool if you are bleeding.
  • Children under the age of 5 must have adult supervision all times.
  • Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow area.
  • All swimmers under the age of 16 must pass a swim test to be able to use the deep end.
  • The pool furnishes dive rings and ball. Do not bring other toys to the pool.
  • No floats or fins allowed. Baby floats equipped with seats are permitted.
  • Babies are not allowed to swim in the nude or wear disposable diapers.
  • Diving is allowed in the 10-foot are only. Only front dives such as cannonballs and jackknifes are permitted. No flips, twists, or back dives.
  • No chicken fighting or any contact with the neck area.
  • Do not hang on the ropes or the basketball rim.
  • There should be no wrestling within the marked shallow area.
  • Please do not let your children run in the baby pool or climb on the fence.
  • Personal radios with headphones allowed. No other radios allowed.


When the lifeguard detects lightning, they will give 3 loud whistles. Gather your belongings and immediately exit the pool deck. The pool is the highest body of water; it is very dangerous to stand on the pool deck during lightning.