A significant component of improving our nearshore water quality involves the treatment of our island's storm water runoff.  Currently, storm runoff carries various pollutants (oils, trash, fertilizer, etc.) into our storm drains, where they are eventually released through 63 outfalls into our nearshore waters with minimal filtration.

Well SystemStormwater maintenance workers

As improvements are made at intersections throughout the city, a well system is our most effective means of pollutant reduction and water flow reduction.  As water flows down the street, it enters a pollution control device and then flows down a well, and then slowly makes its way filtering through rock to the ocean.  Although wells are the preferred method, there are still piping systems that flow directly to the nearshore waters.  The result is a significant improvement in water quality and fewer beach closures.

Spot Repair of Collection System

Our efforts are intended to help improve stormwater drainage, thereby lessening the effects of flooding due to rain.  No stormwater system can mitigate the impact of a hurricane storm surge.  To improve stormwater management, the City hired OMI in Fiscal Year 1995 to clean and spot repair our collection system.  The City and OMI won the Florida Water Environment Association, including the 2012 Operational Performance Excellence Award for our work.  If you have problems with the storm drains in your neighborhood, please call Jacobs at 305-292-5100.

Stormwater Capital Plan

In addition, a stormwater capital plan has been developed to prevent flooding, divert stormwater flow from outfalls, and reduce/eliminate the discharge of pollutants and contamination of nearshore waters.  The plan provides for a more comprehensive management system.  It includes installing five pump-assist injection wells, elimination or retrofit of 63 outfalls, installation of injection wells, and retrofitting existing injection wells.  Vertical french drains have already been designed and installed, addressing small areas of standing water in an affordable, cost-effective way.