Electronic Submittal Instructions on e-TRAKiT

Permitting Instructions

Before entering your first online application, please refer to the step-by-step instructions for online submissions that apply to your permit:

Permitting Submissions

New Electronic Permit Application Process:

  • Submit Building Permit Applications using the City's e-TRAKiT website.
  • Ignore the fee amounts; the Permit techs will apply the appropriate fees upon their review.
  • Do not submit sensitive credit card info via email. (We'll call you later for the credit card information).

Steps for Attaching Files

To expedite processing, the file names must describe their contents. 

For example:

  • "Elevation Certificate.pdf" or "Building Height Certificate.pdf" or "Flood Certificates.pdf"
  • Plans or Revised Plans
  • Property Card
  • Survey

File Extension
Do not alter file extensions (PDF). This can render the file unusable. If the intake staff has to open and review each attachment to determine what it is, this will delay the processing of your applications.

Applications Under Review

Additional or updated documents may be attached directly to your application online by using our e-TRAKiT system.

However, presently the system doesn't notify us when you've added a new attachment. We ask that you please email to let us know that you've uploaded new documents. 


When sending an email, include in the subject line  the "Permit #" & Address." In the body of the email,  include descriptions of the added files. Be sure to include the recently revised Additional Information/Clarification Form.