Program for Public Information (PPI)

The Community Rating System (CRS) provides credit for a full range of public information activities that inform residents about flooding and ways to address potential flood damage to their property, including map information, outreach projects, real estate disclosure, libraries, websites, and technical advice assistance.  The CRS provides additional credit for public outreach efforts coordinated through an adopted program for general information.

The multijurisdictional Monroe County Program for Public Information (PPI) is an ongoing local effort to identify, prepare, implement, and monitor a range of public information activities that meet specific local needs.  The CRS credits the implementation of public outreach projects identified in a PPI.  Through the PPI planning process, projects are monitored, evaluated, and revised to improve effectiveness.  The credit awarded to this plan under the CRS program will help each participating community in Monroe County move toward a higher discount on flood insurance.

Annual Reports