Fire Suppression

Rescue 1 Fire Truck

Rescue 1 is in service and responding.  Rescue 1 is a response unit designed to carry the tools, equipment, and personnel needed at life-threatening events like serious vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and during and after major weather events or other disasters.

Rescue 1 carries our existing cache of rescue equipment and the equipment provided to us by the State for our Light Rescue Team (FL USAR753).  It has an air supply system capable of filling our bottles for breathing air and powering tools.  A powerful generator provides extensive lighting capability and power tool needs.


A system of reels will deploy the hydraulic lines that power the "Jaws of Life" tools that are used to extricate trapped victims.  In other incidents not requiring conventional search and rescue operations, the lighting, power, and air systems will support Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, and Rescue Diver operations.  The equipment cache carried in compartments on board supports High Angle or Vertical Rescue, Vehicle and Machinery Rescue, Trench Rescue, Building Collapse, and Confined Space Rescue.

Urban Search & Rescue Team

Our Urban Search and Rescue Team is a State designated group trained to immediately respond to incidents in our City and County.  If possible, they would begin rescue operations, evaluate the need for additional resources, and request them through the Local, County, and State Emergency Operations System.

We appreciate the support at all levels, from the community, the City’s Management, and City Commission, which makes it possible for us to respond effectively when seconds count to save lives.

Suppression/Fire Fighting

Modern Firefighting is so much more than fighting fires.  We use the term suppression, and more often than not, that is more accurate.  We suppress the further loss of life, or the process inflicting injury, and the loss of property from many sources.  Whether it is a hazardous material release, traumatic injury, vehicle accident, entrapment, fire, flood, collapse, or life-threatening medical event, we respond and eliminate or minimize the loss.

Anything & Everything

Our careers are now ingrained with training and practice to ensure our ability to use vehicles, tools, equipment, and techniques to respond to almost anything and everything that goes wrong. When we aren’t the primary agency, we are there to assist and support the activities of Emergency Medical Services and Law Enforcement when called on.

Kid Visits

One thing we don't suppress is how much we enjoy the visits from school children of all ages for station tours and fire safety education.

The smiles we see when the lights and sirens on the truck dazzle them and the looks of awe when they see what looks like the weapons of their superheroes in the compartments on board keep our spirits high and make for lasting memories.

Pollution & Risk Measures

We can measure toxins and the threat of explosion.  We can shear a car into pieces to extract a trapped victim.

If chemicals or pollutants threaten our land or water, we have supplies and training to halt or minimize them.  When elderly citizen calls because they have fallen and fear they are injured, we are there to help them, reassure them, and assist with getting them on the way to appropriate care.

And when a fire strikes, as it has and will continue to, we exercise those skills that are some of our sharpest.  We begin a dance with a destructive force that requires both choreography and improvisation. No two incidents are the same, but our intended outcome is always to stop it and stop it fast.

What's Next?

The next call could be for a kitten trapped in a wall or an aircraft crash off Roosevelt Boulevard.  Every new day presents unique challenges, and every day ends with the satisfaction of knowing that we were there for every call for help that was received.


Find images of the Fire Suppression team at work.