Christina's Courage

We Encourage.  We Empower.  We Support.  

Christina's Courage offers a wide range of victim-centered support services for survivors of sexual violence in Monroe County.  These services are free and confidential.  

These services include:

  • A 24-hour confidential hotline for crisis intervention.  Call 305-916-0673 
  • Free, confidential therapy and counseling with Anne Elliott, 305-619-9155 
  • Free, confidential sexual assault forensic examination by a trained (SANE).  Cheryl Bradley 305-393-2554 
  • For information pertaining to Christina's Courage, contact Robin Graber at

  • Referral services along with free legal aid through the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. (FCASV).  For legal services, contact:

  • If you need immediate assistance, please call the FCASV statewide helpline (1-888-956-7273) for information on local resources.  If this is a mental health emergency, please dial 911. 

Additional Resources: