Commercial Recycling

All Commercial Units or persons involved in a commercial use of a property must have at least minimal solid waste service according to City Code. If you and another commercial account want to share a garbage container, recycling container or both, you can. This requires obtaining a notarized Commercial Sharing Account Agreement that has been signed by parties sharing account, Waste Management and the City Solid Waste Coordinator.

Minimum does not always mean the smallest container available, it means the size recycling and garbage containers required for your business (or businesses). If either container is overflowing on a regular basis, you are not meeting the minimum standard and are being charged for overages that over time add up, it is best to work with Waste Management and your City representative to ensure you have the right size service for your needs.

How to Recycle

All recycling goes into a single container! As long as your recycling is clean it can all go into the same container. If you have large amounts of cardboard it is sometimes easier to get a dumpster just for cardboard or bundle broken down cardboard with a string and place beside container. We recommend breaking down cardboard on the side and placing at top of dumpster.

Waste Management Toolkit

On the Waste Management Toolkit for Commercial Recycling, design your account to work for you. How many days a week recycling and garbage do you need, what are the best days and what are the best size containers to suit your needs? All of this is up to you. Do you need weekend service? Let us know!