Heritage Tree Program

A heritage tree is a tree that is historically significant and is associated with a notable local or regional historical event, person, structure, or landscape, has been dedicated or planted as a public memorial or its species is important to the history of the community. 


Applications can be submitted for trees located on public or private property.  If the property owner is not submitting the application, the property owner must consent. Prior to the final issuance of a Heritage Tree status, a signed agreement with the property owner must be part of the file.

The application must state the address for the tree, the tree species, and a statement as to what notable local or regional historical event, person, structure, or landscape the tree is associated with or if it is an important or unique species, or if the tree had been dedicated or planted as a public memorial.  Historical photos, newspaper articles, the age of the tree, and other supporting documents should be attached to the application. Trees being considered for the heritage tree program must be certified as being sufficiently healthy by an arborist.


Applications will be accepted from January 1 to June 30 of each year.  The submitted application is then reviewed by Urban Forester, who will review the application for completeness, verify and document the condition and status of the tree, collect any additional information, as necessary, and then forward accepted and completed applications to the Tree Commission for final review and vote.   The final decision granting the heritage tree approval would be made by the City Commission.  Trees are then given a marker approved by the City then placed on the website list and map.

Nomination Form

Property Owner's Agreement