Floodplain Forms

  1. 03-15-2016 FEMA's Remapping Presentation Slideshow (PDF)
  2. 07-17-2016 Article Key West Citizen Building Elevation (PDF)
  3. 07-2016 CRS PPI Envelope Stuffer Keys Energy Bills (PDF)
  4. 07-23-2014 FEMA's Remapping Presentation Slideshow (PDF)
  5. 09-12-2019 Species Focus Area Assessment (PDF)
  6. 1973 Firm Grid Panel (PDF)
  7. 1973 Firm Panel Map (PDF)
  8. 1983 Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Digitalized Remastered (PDF)
  9. 1989 Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Digitalized Remastered (PDF)
  10. 1989 Flood Insurance Study - FIS (PDF)
  11. 1997 Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Digitalized Remastered (PDF)
  12. 2000 to 2014 Chart - Flood Damage by District (PDF)
  13. 2002 Flood Insurance Study - FIS (PDF)
  14. 2005 Flood Insurance Study - FIS (PDF)
  15. 2005 Official High Water Marks for Hurricane Wilma (PDF)
  16. 2005 Official High Water Marks for Hurricane Wilma FEMA Publication (PDF)
  17. 2010 Flyer - Flood Resistant Construction and the Florida Building Code (PDF)
  18. 2012 LIDAR Map - Key West, Florida (PDF)
  19. 2013 Flood Ordinance (PDF)
  20. 2018 LMS Progress Report (PDF)
  21. Analysis Flood Claim Maps (PPT)
  22. Ask Before You Buy - Know Your Flood Risk Brochure English and Spanish (PDF)
  23. Building Height Exception - Department of Economic Opportunity Final Order (PDF)
  24. Building Height Exception Guidelines (PDF)
  25. City Ordinance 04-11 Flood (PDF)
  26. Cost of Improvements Affidavit - Paper Form (PDF)
  27. CRBS-FIRMette (PDF)
  28. CRS Flood Insurance Community Overview (PDF)
  29. CRS PPI TDC Hurricane Information Tourists (PDF)
  30. CRS Special Flood Hazard Area Map - SFHA (PDF)
  31. Eastern Indigo Snake - Species Focus Area Assessment Form and Protective Measures (PDF)
  32. Fact Sheet- Coastal A Zone (LiMWA) (PDF)
  33. Facts on Flooding Brochure (PDF)
  34. FEMA List Species Focus Area Assessment Written Procedures for Reviews (PDF)
  35. FEMA Lower-Cost Rating Option for Buildings Newly Mapped into High-Risk Areas (PDF)
  36. FEMA Remapping Timeline (PDF)
  37. FIRM Remapping Surge Study Maps (PDF)
  38. Flood Insurance Community Insurance Summary (PDF)
  39. Flood Insurance Community Repetitive Loss Summary (PDF)
  40. Flood Mitigation Grant Pre-Application Packet (PDF)
  41. Floodplain Management Requirements for Agricultural Structures and Accessory Structures (PDF)
  42. Floodproofing Approval Phase Requirements (PDF)
  43. Floodproofing Checklist (Fillable) (PDF)
  44. Floodproofing Checklist (PDF)
  45. Floodproofing Determining Site Specific Loads - For Engineers (PDF)
  1. Floodproofing Emergency Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Plan Template (PDF)
  2. Floodproofing Guidelines for Drafting Inspection, Maintenance and Implementation Plans (PDF)
  3. Floodproofing Insurance Renewal (PDF)
  4. Floodproofing Plan Rejection Letter from FEMA (PDF)
  5. Florida Building Code 1103 Additions and Elevation Requirements (PDF)
  6. Historic Building Survey (PDF)
  7. Hurricane Preparedness Emergency Supply List (PDF)
  8. Hurricane Preparedness Family Communication - Children (PDF)
  9. Hurricane Preparedness Family Communications - Parents (PDF)
  10. Hurricane Preparedness Have A Business Plan (PDF)
  11. Hurricane Preparedness How to Prepare Guide (PDF)
  12. Hurricane Preparedness Know Your Alerts and Warnings (PDF)
  13. Hurricane Preparedness Protect Your Critical Documents and Valuables (PDF)
  14. Hurricane Wilma in the Florida Keys (PDF)
  15. Index - Panel Index for All Monroe County (PDF)
  16. Josephine Parker Road Map Correction (PDF)
  17. Key Cove Drive Map Correction (PDF)
  18. Know Before You Buy Brochure (English and Spanish) (PDF)
  19. Local Mitigation Strategy - LMS (PDF)
  20. LOMA Eligible Map (PDF)
  21. LOMA Project Handout (PDF)
  22. Map Changes and Flood Insurance What Property Owners Need to Know (PDF)
  23. Newly Mapped Procedure - FEMA (PDF)
  24. Non-Conversion Agreement Fillable Form (PDF)
  25. Non-Conversion Agreement Form (PDF)
  26. Ordinance Building Height Referendum (PDF)
  27. Panel 1508 - Fleming Key, Trumbo Point, Upper Sunset Key and W Sigsbee (PDF)
  28. Panel 1509 - N Roosevelt Boulevard, New Town, Sigsbee, W Stock Island (PDF)
  29. Panel 1516 - Old Town and Lower Sunset Key (PDF)
  30. Panel 1517 - S Roosevelt Boulevard, Mid-town, Airport (PDF)
  31. Panel 1528 - Stock Island, the Triangle Area and Along Cow Key Channel (PDF)
  32. Press Release CRS Eligibility (PDF)
  33. Propane Tank Flood Safety - Envelope Stuffer (PDF)
  34. Repetitive Flood Loss Areas CRS (PDF)
  35. Repetitive Loss Brochure (PDF)
  36. Safe National Flood Insurance Program Section by Section Synopsis (PDF)
  37. SAFE National Flood Insurance Program US Senate Bill Text (PDF)
  38. SOMA Preliminary Summary of Map Actions (PDF)
  39. Species Focus Area Status Map (PDF)
  40. Substantial Improvement Brochure (PDF)
  41. Understanding the Hurricane of 1846 (PDF)
  42. Use Licensed Contractors (PDF)
  43. V-Zone Certification Form (PDF)
  44. Wilma Flooding Impact (PDF)
  45. X-Zone Map (PDF)